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The Importance of Keeping Seniors Happy in Nursing Homes

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It is a known fact that not all seniors enjoy their move to a skilled nursing home. Adjusting to the new life can be very difficult for seniors and it can often lead to feelings of isolation, depression, mood swings, and other problems. That is why making sure that your loved one stays happy in the nursing home is very important.

Benefits of Happiness in Nursing Homes

Skilled nursing homes provide numerous opportunities for seniors to stay mentally and physically active. From community lifestyle and recreation facilities to group sessions and round-the-clock care, nursing homes make sure that seniors spend quality time at the facility. However, reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that more than 40% of seniors in nursing homes are diagnosed with depression.

On the other hand, studies have also found that seniors who have optimistic thoughts about aging enjoy better mental and physical health. The reports from the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Institute on Aging highlight that the risks of dementia in seniors can be reduced by 50% by staying happy. Another research by the Yale School of Public Health found that positive mood helped around 44% of seniors to recover from serious disabilities faster.

How to Keep Seniors Happy in Nursing Homes

The most significant thing to do to make sure that your loved one stays happy during their stay at the nursing home is to be more involved. This begins from choosing the skilled nursing home as per their needs and requirements. When you include your family member in the planning process, you can explain what makes moving to the skilled nursing home a good option for them. Besides, it also allows your senior parent or grandparent to express their interests and preferences, which can be of great help when making the final decision.

You should also encourage your senior loved one to enjoy the community lifestyle in the nursing home and build friendships with other residents. Apart from that, it is also important to motivate your elderly loved one to stay physically and mentally active and take part in the various activities and socializing opportunities provided by the skilled nursing home. You can also redecorate their room with pictures, furniture, and other items that will make them feel comfortable and at home.

Above all, make sure that their long-term care related needs are fulfilled aptly by reviewing the service quality of the skilled nursing home. You should also schedule regular visits to the facility to check on your loved one and monitor their health. This will help seniors to stay away from any feelings of being disconnected from their family.

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