Adult Night Care

Safe and Skilled Night Time Care 

Nighttime can bring on extra challenges when caring for a senior with dementia or other memory conditions. At night, your elderly loved one may become more restless or agitated than usualright when you were hoping to get some restorative sleep. The Adult Night Care program at Foothill Heights is designed to alleviate these challenges so that you and your loved one can both start a new day feeling refreshed and at ease.

For Adult Night Care, your elderly loved one stays overnight in our nursing home facility while you rest at home. Our skilled nurses assist with your loved one’s medications, toileting, restlessness, and physical comfort at any time of night. You pick up your loved one in the morning once they’ve had a chance to eat breakfast with us. 

Adult Night Care can help your loved one remain in your family’s care for as long as possible. It can also reduce caregiver stress and improve everyone’s well-being. Contact us at (626) 798-1111 to explore this cost-effective alternative to full-time nursing home care. 

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