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Activities That Seniors Can Consider To Keep Them Occupied

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Senior Care

Senior Care

Many things can be done to ensure your well-being and taking part in activities that you enjoy is a great way to support healthy aging. Getting old need not be the time you have to spend on your own, lonely and depressed. Our experts in assisted living and senior care share some activity ideas that can be beneficial for seniors who like to be more involved in their community and be more socially active.

Get Out And About 

  • Catch a movie, a sporting event, or go to the theatre.
  • Visit a senior care facility in your area and join in on its activities.
  • Travel with a group of elderly adults who share the same interests as you.
  • Visit your family and friends.
  • Take part in group activities or join a group interested in hobbies like painting, knitting, carving, hiking, etc.
  • Try various restaurants in your area.
  • Reconnect with your old school friends via your college alumni association.
  • Visit museums in your locality.

 Learn New Things 

  • Start a film or book club.
  • Join a dance, cooking, art, or computer class.
  • Try meditation, tai chi, yoga, etc.
  • Unleash the maestro in you and begin by learning to play a musical instrument.
  • Try to learn embroidery, chess, calligraphy, photography, quilting, etc.

Become More Active In Your Community 

  • Volunteer to run errands for disabled people.
  • Arrange for clothing donations or serve meals.
  • Volunteer for an activity at your worship place.
  • Arrange to send care packages to overseas soldiers.
  • Volunteer at a library, hospital, school, etc.
  • Re-discover the minstrel in you by joining a community choral group or playing in a local orchestra or band.
  • Arrange a park clean-up via your local community association.
  • Relearn a childhood hobby or teach it to your grandchildren.
  • Get a part-time job
  • Participate in a theatre troupe in your locality.

Be More Active Physically 

  • Do exercise regularly or take part in an exercise class.
  • Join a dance class.
  • Do yard work or gardening.
  • Sign up for a swimming class.
  • Bicycle or walk with your neighbor or friend.
  • Find time to play with your grandchildren. Teach them dance or a game that you remember from your childhood days.

These are some activities that you or your senior loved one can try to ensure mental and physical health. However, before trying to add any of these activities to your daily regimen understand that each of us has varying limits to the amount of time that we can spend on these activities and plan accordingly.

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