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How Can Gardening Help Seniors Keep Their Brains Young

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Is there anything more enjoyable than springtime? There is undoubtedly much to be said about a season that invites us all outside to take advantage of nicer weather and take deep breaths of the rainy fresh air. Everyone has a natural impulse to open the windows to let any stale air from winter out as colorful flowers emerge from the earth.

Since spring does inspire more outside activity, most people dust off their jackets and tennis shoes to walk outside when the weather is not too hot and not too chilly. Consider getting your gardening gloves and equipment this year. You will not only enjoy your time gardening but will also benefit mentally and emotionally from it. Experts in our assisted living facility share how seniors can benefit from gardening. Read along to know.

Benefits Of Gardening For Seniors

Cognitive Benefits

Research on gardening as a form of therapy spans generations. It has been demonstrated that gardening offers many cognitive advantages, especially for the elderly. Whether gardening is done on a small or large scale, it demands a multi-step thought process. Senior gardeners have the chance to put their cognitive abilities, such as planning, judgment, and critical thinking, to use. For older persons, the opportunity to regularly exercise these cognitive skills while engaging in a fun hobby can be soothing.

Emotional Benefits

Seniors frequently experience a range of emotional benefits in addition to the cognitive benefits of gardening. For instance, it has been demonstrated that working in a garden reduces perceived stress. According to a HortTechnology study, seniors who engaged in gardening reported feeling less stressed than seniors who took part in indoor exercise classes.

It’s significant that perceived stress is decreased by gardening. Stress can cause the body to produce more cortisol, which can result in a variety of harmful health issues like high blood pressure or heart disease. Reduced blood supply to the brain or even an increased risk of stroke might result from this high blood pressure. Gardening can help to lessen these negative effects.

Go ahead and start a garden if you’re interested! To succeed, you don’t need to have a green thumb. Consider enrolling in an introductory class at your local senior center or renting a garden plot from your local park district. Finally, think about a raised gardening bed if mobility concerns have you thinking that you can no longer labor in the dirt. These beds are reachable when standing or sitting in a chair, giving you the chance to pursue your hobby without being frustrated by your health.

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