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How Does Speech Therapy Work For Grown-Ups?

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Speech is all about expressing thoughts with articulate sounds. An issue preventing an individual from communicating with spoken words is called a communication disorder or speech disorder. Speech therapy at a nursing home or another healthcare facility treats and supports people who experience speech disorders or communication issues. Read on to know more about the therapy.

What Speech Therapy Means

Speech disorders are likely to develop due to muscular paralysis, nerve injuries, developmental disabilities or structural abnormalities. Speech therapy means an effective way of treating communication disorders. Speech-language pathologists involved in the therapy offer treatment and assistance for individuals with communication disorders. Speech-language pathologists who work in health care facilities are trained to assess and treat people with language, swallowing or speech disorders. People tend to call speech-language therapists speech therapists too.

How Speech Therapy Works

Speech therapists will first assess the person who has the disorder as well as can identify different speech disorder types and ways to treat those issues. Speech therapy works differently for grown-ups, with different techniques that include the following.

  • Social communication: Speech-language pathologists may improve patient communication with conversation, memory and problem-solving exercises.
  • Breathing exercises: The healthcare professionals may assist with patient resonance issues with breathing exercises.
  • Mouth exercises: The exercises are an appropriate way of strengthening oral muscles, thereby helping to improve the communication skills of speech disorder patients.
  • Swallowing exercises: Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and oral cancer are among the health conditions that possibly bring about swallowing difficulties. Speech-language pathologists can help patients with swallowing disorders cope with these issues through the exercises.

Is Speech Therapy Effective?

Many studies demonstrate that it is an efficacious treatment option for children and grown-ups to improve their communication expertise. It is also shown to be a more effective treatment option as compared to not having any treatment for a particular period.

A study explored how speech therapy affects grown-ups who had a stroke before developing aphasia, a communication disorder. The data indicates that the therapy is efficacious in treating those communication problems. That study points to the effectiveness of the therapy early in the disorder following a stroke, usually the first six months. It demonstrates that there are greater effects to intensive treatments.

A different study also indicates that the therapy is potentially efficacious in treating aphasia patients. It demonstrates that 16 speech therapy sessions across eight weeks helped to make patient communication skills better.

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