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Importance Of Physical Therapy For Seniors

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Assisted Living Community

Assisted Living Community

In addition to the individualized care that many seniors receive at an assisted living community, some of the older adults might need regular physical therapy. Some seniors will need temporary physical therapy after surgery or an injury. However, seniors suffering from conditions like stroke, osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, and other such chronic conditions will need long-term physical therapy.

Many seniors suffer from health issues that make it difficult for them to move easily and comfortably. This can be either due to some illnesses or because of age-related health conditions. Fortunately, with the help of physical therapy, these conditions can be eased upon. Physical therapy for seniors aims at increasing mobility, reducing pain, improving balance, managing some vascular conditions, and avoiding surgery whenever possible. Physical therapy can be considered the first step in overcoming age-related troubles.

What To Anticipate From Physical Therapy For Seniors In Assisted Living? 

Whether your loved one resides in respite care, independent living, or assisted living facilities, the community should be capable of coordinating with the required healthcare professionals to offer physical therapy services onsite. There can be specific services like massage, strength training, walking, stretching or hydrotherapy provided as a part of physical therapy in assisted living facilities. Physical therapists are specialists who are accredited to provide these treatment plans.

It is important to ensure that you enlist a reputable physical therapist from trusted sources. There will be an initial evaluation which will include testing the range of motion, mobility, and strength. Most of the session will need free movements. Therefore, most importantly make sure that the senior is appropriately and comfortably dressed. Besides, the dress should be athletic and comfortable for the senior.

Results From Physical Therapy For Seniors 

The main aim of physical therapy for seniors is to reinstate a level of independence with the help of ongoing management or complete recovery from the health issues. Whether ongoing or temporary sessions, these are aimed at enhancing the overall health of an individual. If you feel that your senior loved one needs physical therapy treatment, you need to ensure that the assisted living community that you choose for the senior is capable of accomodating these services and that trained caregivers are involved in offering these services.

Make sure to find an assisted living community in your area that works with outside health professionals and is capable of accomodating your senior loved one and cater to his/her unique needs.

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