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Moving Your Senior Parents To Assisted Living

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Assisted Living Community

Assisted Living Community

If you decide that senior assisted living is the best option for your aging parent, you can start planning the move. This can mean talking about assisted living, but hopefully, you have involved your senior loved one in the process of selecting the senior care facility. At this stage, you can concentrate on building the confidence of your senior loved one and validating their emotions while helping them prepare for the transition to the senior assisted living community.

Talking About Assisted Living To Your Senior Loved One

It is ideal to speak to your senior loved one about assisted living before even looking for senior care communities. Your parents have to be actively involved in the research process. Having your parents involved can also help ease the transition process once the time comes.

Keep in mind that your senior parent may become upset or defensive when you talk about assisted living options. The best way to deal with it is to validate those feelings and then continue engaging them in the conversation over time. It is ideal to start discussing the topic before a medical crisis. This will let your loved one have time to assist you in researching and finding senior living communities and start the transition on their own time and not in a stressful situation.

Moving To Assisted Living

The transition to assisted living starts much before moving day. Take time to help your senior loved one as they plan for the move to the facility. You can also consider working with a company that is experienced in senior moving to make the transition to the facility seamless. This can help you spend time with your senior parent on moving day as they get to know their new community, home, and neighbors.

The staff and team members of the community will also be stopping by to get to know your senior parent and say hello. The initial days in a senior care community will be busy, but soon, your senior loved one will get to know more about their new home and will gain confidence in the neighborhood. Assisted living communities are great options for many elderly adults who can benefit from extra care and socialization opportunities provided in these communities. If you would like to know more about these communities, you can get in touch with an assisted living community in your locality.

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