Assisted Living Facilities

The Type Of Furniture That You Can Bring To Assisted Living

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Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living Facilities

A thrilling experience awaits those who move into an assisted living facility. However, when you try to pack everything you need for your new place, you could feel overwhelmed. For smaller goods, you always have the option to review your list as the relocation gets underway. It is best to use a more methodical approach while handling bigger goods, such as furniture. By paying close attention to every last detail before the transfer, you can avoid being stuck in a new apartment full of oversized furnishings.

What To Pack

Apartments for assisted living could have a smaller floor plan than you’re used to. Don’t allow this to disrupt your plans. Moving into a new senior retirement apartment is the ideal opportunity to choose preferred furniture to bring along or to make purchases of new, more apartment-friendly stuff.

The majority of assisted living facilities offer unfurnished apartments, but be sure to ask the staff about what, if anything, will be in your area. If you are starting from scratch, invest in a cozy bed and some living room furniture. If the bed has seen better days or if a medical issue necessitates a new bed, now is the time to invest in new items.

Lastly, look for objects that can serve two purposes. A coffee table with extra storage underneath and a bed frame with storage drawers both make great organizational elements. When it comes to organization, these extra, concealed drawers might be helpful.

What To Avoid

Not only will most of your furniture not fit in your new assisted living apartment, but some of it might also contribute to a cluttered floor plan, raising the risk of a fall or other safety issues. Instead of selling or donating bulky items like huge china cabinets, entertainment centers, and sideboards, think about leaving them at home.

Making The Right Choices

Prior to the arrival of the moving trucks, pay particular attention to the details. Make sure you have the new apartment’s floor plan and specs. After that, take furniture measurements to see if it will fit comfortably in the new area. Rather than trying to fit too many pieces in, err on the side of less clutter. In some circumstances, you might be able to secure early access to the flat so you can measure the furniture and mark the floor with painter’s tape to see what fits best.

Before making judgments, take into account what the senior living community already has to offer in addition to measuring and utilizing the floor plan. For instance, since you will be dining in a beautiful dining room, you can decide to leave your dining room table at home or buy a smaller table for the apartment.

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