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The Wrong Notion Of ‘Putting A Parent In Senior Living’

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Senior Living

Senior Living

Many people talk about putting their senior parent in a senior living facility with a sense of guilt and dread. This is because they worry about their parents feeling betrayed, lonely, and scared in these facilities. Many adults wonder if they have abandoned their responsibility to care and love for their parents by putting them in senior care facilities. The idea of “putting” a person in a care facility is at the core of the problem. Below, we explain why this notion is harmful and why you should change your mindset.

We Never ‘Put’ Someone Somewhere 

Being old does not steal the right of a person to make decisions about their life. Even if your senior parent suffers from dementia or other such cognitive issues, and refuses to move to a memory care facility, their preferences do matter. The problem with the idea of putting a senior parent in a skilled nursing facility is that it treats residents like objects and not people with needs and values. Even when you are the one to make the final decision, you need to do it in a way that shows respect for the values and dignity of your parent. Move your thinking away from “putting” your elderly parent somewhere towards selecting the best option for the complete family.

Even after reframing your mindset, you can be worried that moving your elderly parent to senior living means that you are giving up. It is human to wish to age in place. Adults always wish that they had more time to spend with their aging parents; needless to mention, the energy to take care of their parents. However, in reality, it can have unpleasant consequences. You won’t be able to care for your senior parent full time, especially if your parent is suffering from dementia or other serious health conditions.

Indeed, you can share your responsibilities with others, but in the long run, you will suffer from caregiver burnout. This can injure your mental and physical health, alongside your relation with your parent. It goes without saying that you will ultimately suffer at your workplace and your ability to parent your children will diminish.

Assisted living facilities can ensure relief from all these stressors and keep your senior loves one safe. In addition, it can provide them a chance to make deep connections, relationships and have more joy in their life. In reality, you are giving them a great alternative to loneliness, inadequate support, and family conflicts.

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