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Tips To Stay Active While Sheltering In Place

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Assisted Living

Assisted Living

When you are stuck indoors, you can be tempted to sink into the couch and be there without getting up. If you are in the habit of walking at the shopping mall, or attending swimming classes, you will have to find a new routine and ensure proper exercise to your body during the period of sheltering in place.

You need to understand that just fifteen minutes of gentle exercise daily can improve your health and this is especially important for seniors. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine claimed that seniors who exercised regularly spent 25% less time injured or disabled when compared to those who did not. Some other studies show that ensuring physical activity can boost mood, add more years to your life and decrease the impact of dementia disorders like Alzheimer’s.

If you are planning to start a new exercise regimen, discuss your physical fitness goals with your doctor, wear well-fitted and comfortable clothing and shoes and have another person around in case you need help. Follow these exercises to stay active inside.

Chair Exercises

If your senior loved one has mobility issues, you can consider trying some chair exercises together. You can find different types of chair exercises online that can be helpful to ensure the physical activity of your senior loved one.

Walking Indoors

If you live in an assisted living facility or other senior care homes, you can walk through the halls. If you live at home, you can walk around the house to ensure physical activity. Make sure to clear any items that can pose a fall hazard. You may also try marching in place to ensure exercise to your body.

Stretching Exercises

Stretching and flexibility exercises can avoid the effects of a normal decline in joint flexibility and ensure that you remain independent and active throughout your golden years. Many types of stretching exercises are available for seniors and you may discuss with your doctor to find the one that is suitable for you.

Balance Exercises

Balance training can strengthen your muscles that help keep you upright thereby helping to prevent falls. You can start with basic balancing exercises and then move to the complex ones if you feel comfortable with the basic ones.

Strength Training

Resistance training or strength exercises can work your muscles with resistance. These exercises include using your weight, lifting weights, or using weight machines at the gymnasium. Resistance training can help prevent age-related loss of muscles, prevent falls, ensure bone strength, and improve balance and mobility.

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