Exercises For Seniors

Top Exercises For Seniors

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Exercises For Seniors

Exercises For Seniors

You can be physically fit at any age. Loss of bone and muscle mass is accelerated with age. This can contribute to osteoporosis, cause weakness, and increase fall risk. This risk can be lowered by exercise. Physically active seniors may live longer, have more independent lives, experience less joint and arthritis pain, have a decreased risk of developing dementia, and have better mental health.

As exercise is so crucial to well-being, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s(CDC) physical activity recommendations don’t change based on age. The CDC advises engaging in 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise or 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week. Our senior health experts share the details of some of the top exercises for seniors in retirement. Read along to know.


If you enjoy gardening, make tending a garden, a mobility-friendly workout. Try keeping your back straight to pull up weeds rather than bending and stooping. Try these exercises to strengthen your body for pain-free gardening if you discover that gardening is tough due to chronic pain or if you’re frequently slumped over when gardening.


Even for elderly people with degenerative illnesses or limited mobility, walking is safe and doesn’t require any special skills. Find a park in your neighborhood that you enjoy, then plan a walk date with your grandchildren or a friend.

Playing With The Grandchildren Or Pets

It’s not necessary for exercise to feel like exercise. Anything that makes you move is worthwhile. So get up and do something instead of just sitting there and talking to your grandchildren or petting your dog. Try chasing a grandchild or pet around the yard, playing tug of war with a loving dog, or just being playful with them. Your body stays healthy and your muscles are kept strong with this low-intensity workout.


Swimming is an excellent alternative for seniors who desire a hard workout yet have mobility problems or joint problems. Water aerobics classes can be enjoyable for those who want a less demanding workout or who are uncomfortable in the water. Water aerobics lessons are widely available in senior health centers and gyms.


Repeated motions known as calisthenics help build different muscle groups, lowering the risk of falling and supporting strong muscles and bones. Lay on your back and elevate your legs to pedal, as you would when riding a bike. Next, bend your knees while keeping your feet flat on the ground and lift your hips off the ground. Depending on how your body feels, adjust the number you perform. Then gradually increase to a low-impact calisthenics workout of 15 minutes. The idea should be to work hard without getting completely exhausted.

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