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What To Know About Adult Day-care Center Services?

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Health Care Facilities

Health Care Facilities

The services of an adult day-care center can be ideal for people who require a break from caregiving responsibilities in the daytime. Are you a familial caregiver or a working family member with an aging parent who needs that temporary break? If so, you might want to seek one of the best health care facilities with adult care services in the daytime. Here, we will discuss some pieces of information about this form of healthcare.

Adult Day-care Center Services

The number of adult day-care centers has grown fast over the past few years. As per the National Adult Day Services Association, the US has more than 4,600 health care facilities specializing in these services. It is the consequence of an increase of 35% in the number of adult day-care centers over the past 19 years. Those locations serve over 260,000 adult participants and familial caregivers, whose count has gone up by 63% over the past decades.

A skilled nursing facility or another such healthcare location looks after older adults who cannot take care of themselves when alone at home. Services may vary from one center to another but usually include personal care, food, social interaction, and various activities in a supportive and safe setting. Besides, several centers offer healthcare services like medication administration, exercise, transportation back and forth the locations, and various therapies.

Adult day-care centers usually offer programs in usual business hours on five weekdays. Conversely, some centers may also provide services on weekends and in the evening hours.

Care costs could usually vary between $25 and over $100 daily, depending on your residential location. Original Medicare usually does not cover daytime care services for older adults. That said, several long-term health insurance policies and certain Medicare Advantage (MA) plans pay for those services. That said, almost every older adult or their family spends their own money on their care requirements.

How To Finance Adult Day Care Requirements

Does your father come under the low-income category? If so, he might be unable to spend on the said services. In that case, look for a Medicaid, Veterans Affairs, or PACE program for the financing you need to bear the cost. If your father satisfies certain eligibility requirements, then he may qualify for one of the plans in your area. Contact the Veterans Affairs, PACE, or the Medicaid office in your area for further information.

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