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Why Is Swimming A Potentially Good Activity For You?

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Senior Assisted Living

Senior Assisted Living

Everyone knows a few things about swimming. However, you may not realize how good it is for human health. As a senior assisted living facility operator, we will discuss some reasons why older adults should think about swimming.

It Can Aid In Reducing Osteoporosis Risk

Osteoporosis is among the conditions that can make a simple slip and fall accident into a situation that requires hospitalization. It becomes a more common health concern in elderly adults. The number of adults with osteoporosis may make it seem that it is likely for almost every adult to develop osteoporosis. Science indicates that swimming is helpful in this regard. As per an analysis that BioMed Research International published, swimming may aid in improving bone mineral density (BMD) in the human spine and is perhaps good for osteoporosis prevention or treatment.

It Has A Gentler Effect On Joints

Swimming can have more than just preventative benefits for your bones. Including it in your daily routine may aid you in getting relief. As per a Journal of Rheumatology study, swimming may assist in reducing joint stiffness and pain while making functional capacity and muscle strength better. It can even aid in boosting your standard of health, comfort and happiness even when in an assisted living home.

It Can Make Your Posture More Stable

You should include posture stability in your vocabulary when you get into a quinquagenarian or sexagenarian age. Research shows that it is an indicator of the chance of an older adult falling. Swimming may assist in improving the posture stability of an older adult, besides other brain-body coordination signals. Considering the forms of movement needed to swim, older adult swimmers may have eye-hand coordination and repetitive movements more accurately.

It May Aid In Limiting Age-Associated Pain Worsening

Swimming may be mostly free of pain, but aquatic exercise is special because it can aid in reducing the possibility of pain and injury as you are out of water. A 2005 longitudinal study from Stanford University looked at the impact of aerobic activity, such as swimming, on the musculoskeletal pain issue of healthy seniors. The study divided participants based on their activity levels. After collecting data for 14 years, it concluded that those who took part in aerobic activity, such as swimming, regularly, had less pain affecting their muscles, tendons, ligaments or bones.

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