Assisted Living Communities

Emotional And Mental Health Benefits Of Senior Assisted Living Communities

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Assisted Living Communities

Assisted Living Communities

As per The State Of Mental Health And Aging In America about 20% of the people aged 55 years and above suffer from some type of mental health issues. The most common among them include anxiety, depression, and cognitive impairment, out of which depression is the most prevalent mental health issue among seniors.

The sad part is that depression and other mental health disorders go unnoticed among seniors and can go undertreated or untreated. As a result, many seniors isolate themselves from others, and their sense of purpose declines. Seniors often lack chances for human connection which can result in a sense of loneliness and more serious mental health issues. This is where senior care homes and assisted living communities can help.

For many seniors, an assisted living community can be the very thing that can give them back the connection that is necessary to thrive. Few important psychological and mental benefits that can be derived from living in assisted living communities are shared below.

Sense Of Purpose                      

We fill many roles throughout our lives and these roles fill us with a sense of meaning and purpose. This sense of purpose is what motivates us to get up and embrace the day. In the case of elderly adults, the sense of meaning and purpose can be lost among experiences of loneliness, isolation, declining physical strength, and many more. Community living can offer the support and space for seniors to regain a sense of purpose and engage in activities that interest them.

Sense Of Belonging 

A senior’s years of raising children, working for a living, engaging in sports, etc might be behind them. However, being part of something is not. Feeling needed and connected to people is very much possible in a senior’s life. One of the biggest perks of living in senior care homes is the sense of belonging and friendship experienced by the residents. This is because living in a community can provide many chances for companionship, socialization, inclusion, and fun.

Sense Of Safety 

For many seniors, the thought of facing age-related mental and physical health issues can be daunting. Seniors can be worried about safety-related issues from driving, preventing slip and falls to remembering to take medications on time. Seniors who live alone in their homes are prone to many threats and hazards that can be an ongoing cause of concern for them. Assisted living communities can help alleviate these burdens by offering a comfortable and secure environment for the residents.

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