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How Can Orthopedic Rehab Help Your Fracture Recovery?

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When you have a fracture, you are required to avoid putting pressure on your injured limb for some time. Yet if it is for a prolonged period, immobilization can often create more complications than doing any good. In such cases, your doctor may recommend orthopedic rehabilitation to help you recover faster from your injury. Below are some ways in which orthopedic rehab can help you with a fracture or any other musculoskeletal injury. A skilled nursing facility often has staff available to help with rehabilitation.

It Helps You to Recover Faster

It may seem that taking rest is the best approach to let your broken bone heal, it works the opposite way in most cases. Your doctor may recommend you to restart minor activities and ensure proper movement of the affected limb. Orthopedic rehabilitation ensures that you do not experience any difficulty during your recovery while they also make sure that you are active enough to maintain proper blood flow to the injury site. Besides, they also offer electrical, heat, laser, and ultrasound therapies along with bone stimulation to encourage healing and bone rebuilding.

It Helps to Prevent Weaknesses

Orthopedic rehabs combine physical therapy and occupational therapy to ensure that your muscles do not weaken or start to tighten due to the lack of activity. This also helps to avoid muscle imbalances that could have made one side of your body weaker than the other. Caregivers at orthopedic rehabs also ensure to keep your body conditioned, prevent any kind of further bone and muscle breakdown, as well as guide you on how to avoid overcompensating on one side of your body to maintain the kinetic chain.

It Helps to Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Pain and swelling are the most prevalent side effects of a fracture that have an immediate onset. Your injury and the broken bone may have affected the surrounding nerves, tissues, and other bone structures too, which can aggravate pain and inflammation. With the help of controlled and supervised movement at orthopedic rehab, you can manage these side effects by having stronger muscles and proper blood flow around the injury site. Besides, it also helps to reduce the amount of inflammation as well as tension and stiffness to correct any imbalance problems.

Your orthopedic treatment program is likely to also include vocational rehab, medication, transitional care, and diet and nutritional support to ensure that you recover well from your condition. Orthopedic rehabs can also provide assistive devices, if needed, to help with your pain and inflammation levels. Besides, it may even help you to avoid surgery by allowing you to ensure a proper balance of rest and activity at the right times.

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