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A woman doing a COPD breathing exercise.

How Can Pulmonary Rehabilitation Exercises Help to Ease COPD Symptoms

  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a type of inflammatory lung disease that leads to obstructions in the flow of air from the lungs. It may seem like regular exercise is impossible for COPD patients due to the breathing difficulties associated with the condition, studies say otherwise. The American Lung Association…

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A nurse in a nursing home helps a woman take her medicine.

Choosing between Nursing Homes and Rehab Centers

  Finding the right type of long-term care is important to ensure a smooth transition as well as complete recovery. Many people get confused when it comes to choosing between a rehab center and a skilled nursing home because most of them believe that the two are the same. However, there are…

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Senior being escorted in wheelchair from skilled nursing facility in Pasadena after discharge.

Why Assessing Discharge Procedures is Important

When searching for a skilled nursing home for short-term or long-term care and rehabilitation services, many people tend to overlook the facility’s discharge procedures. However, it is essential to carefully review the discharge procedures because you may need support or care services even after your stay at a skilled nursing home. This…

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Senior undergoes rehabilitation with weight training in a skilled senior nursing facility.

Benefits of Osteoporosis Rehabilitation Programs in a Skilled Nursing Home

Osteoporosis rehabilitation allows seniors to combat the condition and lead a quality life. Skilled nursing homes offer comprehensive inpatient osteoporosis rehabilitation programs to help patients suffering from the condition regain strength and mobility. This can help those who are experiencing mobility problems, recovering from surgery, facing severe complications of the disease, or…

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Speech therapy like those offered at Foothill Heights in Pasadena, are incredibly important to senior citizens who have suffered a stroke in order to help them connect with the world after their illness.

Benefits of Speech Therapy for Seniors in Skilled Nursing Homes

Speech therapy refers to a treatment procedure that addresses problems with verbal communication and swallowing. These problems may happen to seniors due to many different reasons and severely impact their overall well-being. Read on for are some of the essential benefits of speech therapy for seniors in skilled nursing homes. It Helps…

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Senior receiving skilled nursing consultation for pulmonary rehabilitation.

Why is Inpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation Necessary?

Inpatient pulmonary rehabilitation refers to a program that helps restore your lungs’ health when you experience any lung-related illnesses. The availability of 24-hour care at skilled nursing homes further helps avoid any complications that the lung problem could lead to. The core objectives of respiratory rehabilitation programs include improving the overall quality…

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Why Diabetic Patients Need Specialized Wound Care

Proper wound care is of utmost importance for diabetic patients. This is because around 20% – 35% of people with diabetes develop a foot ulcer, which can eventually lead to infections and require amputation. Early intervention and specialized wound care can help diabetic patients to avoid such issues and prevent worsening of…

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How Amputation Rehab in a Skilled Nursing Home Can Boost Recovery

Amputation is a term that refers to the surgical removal of a limb when it is the only available treatment option that’s appropriate. There can be many reasons for amputations. For instance, a peripheral arterial disease generally leads to poor blood circulation to a limb due to narrowed or damaged arteries and…

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A senior woman getting mental health counseling at a skilled nursing facility.

Risks of Depression among Residents in Skilled Nursing Homes

Seniors are often seen to be at an increased risk of developing depression when they move to a skilled nursing home for long-term care. This is because they find it emotionally challenging to leave their familial home and relocate to a new place, even though it is for ensuring their better health….

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Seniors cooking nutritional food for their health.

Healthy Nutrition and Eye Health in Seniors

Skilled nursing homes place a great deal of importance on healthy nutrition for seniors because it is crucial to their general health. A balanced diet is also essential to ensure good eye health. As older adults are prone to many kinds of vision problems due to varied factors, such as glaucoma, retinal…

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