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Recovering From Lumbar Spine Injury at a Skilled Nursing Home

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Lumbar spinal cord injuries affect the lower back vertebrae and can lead to partial or complete paralysis of the hips and legs. Other than that, the condition is also known to cause loss of bladder and bowel control, sexual dysfunction, weakness of leg muscles, and severe pain in the injury site.

Treatment options for lumbar spine injuries will vary depending upon its severity and the symptoms the patient is experiencing. Typically, immobilization and surgery are recommended to stabilize and improve support in the affected area. However, complete recovery requires proper follow-up treatment and orthopedic rehab care in a skilled nursing home. That will help to ensure that the patient can manage the complications post-surgery or immobilization treatment successfully.

How Skilled Nursing Home Care Helps Patients with Lumbar Spine Injury

Orthopedic rehabilitation in a skilled nursing home can help to ease the complications like chronic pain, blood circulation issues, bowel and bladder incontinence, and muscle spasms after surgery or immobilization. Besides, they also provide physical therapy and other supportive treatments to help speed up recovery from lumbar spinal cord injury.

In general, orthopedic rehab care will focus on restoring motor function and mobility, boost muscle and bone strength, and train patients to manage their new physical state effectively. Caregivers at the skilled nursing home will also prepare an individualized orthopedic rehab plan keeping all the personal needs and goals of the patient in mind. This will further help to ensure that all the physical and mental symptoms of the condition are addressed adeptly.

A key benefit of orthopedic rehab in skilled nursing homes is that it allows patients to work with a team of specialized therapists and medical professionals who are experienced in dealing with lumbar spine injuries. This ensures that the patient receives the best possible care and access to all the tools to recover completely from the condition. Sometimes, caregivers may also provide advanced care techniques like electric nerve stimulation to help improve nerve responsiveness in the injury site.

Orthopedic rehab at a skilled nursing home also ensures a smooth transition from the hospital to the care facility and back to normal life. Caregivers at the skilled nursing home will ensure that the patient receives the right treatment when they need it and work to improve the physical, emotional, nutritional, and practical aspects of the condition. This not only delivers better health outcomes and speedy recovery for the patient but also fosters a higher quality of life and reduces the chances of re-hospitalization.

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