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Importance Of Proper Wound Care In Nursing Homes 

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Residents in nursing homes are prone to developing wounds due to their elderly age. These wounds can become infected if proper attention is not given and might turn to chronic wounds that won’t heal easily. This is why it is important to have nurses with proper wound care certification in skilled nursing homes. Having nurses who are equipped with skills and knowledge that are necessary to treat wounds will not only help keep nursing facilities clean and safe but also allow the elderly residents to lead a comfortable life with less pain.

Wounds Commonly Found In Seniors 

Some types of wounds are very commonly seen in seniors living in nursing facilities. These are discussed below.


Bedsores are also called pressure ulcers and are formed when a person stays in the same position for a long time. For instance, lying flat on the bed. These ulcers usually develop on bedbound people who are immobile and occur as the pressure is not distributed. This can be especially common in people who cannot move on their own and are already in need of help in doing daily activities. Without proper knowledge about these types of wounds as well as attention to these, they can easily go unnoticed and can make the life of the senior more difficult. This is why senior nursing homes make use of skilled nurses who can treat wounds effectively.

Amputation Wounds 

Amputations are also common among seniors, especially among those who are diabetic. Even though the amputation occurs in the hospital, the patient will arrive at the nursing facility with a healing surgical wound. The surgical site will need regular monitoring and dressing to avoid infection. The skilled staff in nursing homes will be able to ensure regular care of these surgical sites to ensure that there is no dehiscence. Taking care of post-operative wounds is as important as the surgery itself. This is because these wounds are very much susceptible to infections if proper post-operative care is not provided.

Ensuring Proper Wound Care 

The body of elderly people will be very fragile and will have a hard time healing wounds. Moreover, preexisting health conditions like COPD, diabetes, and malnutrition, etc can make it more difficult for their bodies to heal wounds. This is why it is important to have extra care while treating the wounds of seniors. Besides, the seniors should be moved regularly to avoid developing bedsores and the skilled staff in nursing homes can ensure this effectively.

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