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The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors in Skilled Nursing Homes

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Seniors can face a lot of difficulties when recovering from an illness or injury. Physical therapy can help them to recuperate faster, depending upon the condition. It can even serve as an integral part of the treatment and an alternative to invasive surgeries. That is why all skilled nursing homes have an in-house physical therapist to help their residents with quick recovery. Below are some of the main benefits of physical therapy for seniors in a skilled nursing home.


Physical therapy in nursing homes allows seniors to access the service more conveniently. To get the full benefits of physical therapy, seniors will need to visit the therapist and practice the exercises regularly. This could be up to three to five times a week. This can be taxing in an outpatient setting for seniors. Yet in a skilled nursing home, seniors can manage their physical therapy schedules very easily without having to travel anywhere.


Following a physical therapy treatment regime at the home with specialized equipment can solve problems related to transportation and inconvenience. However, not all physical therapy equipment can be transported to the home of the patient, which limits the options to get the right level of therapy required. On the contrary, seniors can get access to all the equipment needed for a faster recovery in a skilled nursing home.


The costs associated with physical therapy can be much higher than expected in an outpatient setting. This can include transfer costs, investment in physical therapy equipment, as well as the therapist’s fees and other related costs. Many insurance companies do not provide cover for such therapies, and it could be very expensive to include that in the policy. On the contrary, the care services and therapies provided by skilled nursing homes are covered in most insurance policies because they are included as part of the overall rehab plan for the senior.

Coordination of Care

Seniors in a skilled nursing facility can benefit from the best coordination of care. As residents can avail all the care services they need for a speedy recovery in a skilled nursing home, there is no need to look for individual services. This means that seniors can work with occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, dietitians, and more, while they receive the best physical therapy services.

Moreover, all skilled nursing homes have a specialist to consistently review every aspect of the treatment and services provided to their residents. This ensures efficient coordination and helps to keep track of the progress of the patient. If you think your senior family member can benefit from physical therapy in a skilled nursing home, contact Foothill Heights Care Center!

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