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Reasons for Therapy In Assisted Living Communities 

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An assisted living community will be suitable for all those seniors who can still function but require extra care to do their daily activities. These facilities mainly provide two main varieties of assisted living services. There are activities of daily living (ADL) that all of us will have to perform daily and include bathing and dressing. There are also instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) which are tasks that are necessary for life and without which the health of a person can suffer. These tasks include meal preparation, eating, and drinking, mobility, managing medications, and transportation. Assisted living communities are excellent at categorizing seniors into groups needing specific levels of care.

Occupational therapy gets set to motion with assisted living communities. This therapy has a role to play in the lives of many seniors to help them with the ADL challenges that they may face. The seniors who need help with IADL challenges depend much on occupational therapy for their daily activities. Some of the reasons for the necessity of occupational, physical, and speech therapy in assisted living communities are discussed below.

Therapies Address The Problems Of Residents 

A therapist can be an expert in dealing with the problems of the seniors. Therapists can help seniors acclimate to their new life. They can proffer recommendations and guidance to seniors to transition from their self-dependent life to one with support. The adjustment isn’t easy, but therapy can go a long way to help deal with the stresses. The best use of therapy in assisted living communities is to better understand the causes of behaviors in the residents.

Seniors Undergoing Decline In Lifestyle Will Benefit From Therapy 

A senior living in an assisted living facility can suffer a decline in health and staff might not be immediately aware of that decline. However, having a therapist on-site can help notice the changes. Moreover, the therapist can teach the staff to understand and recognize the change in the health conditions of the residents. After undergoing thorough training, the staff in assisted living communities will be able to proactively address any decline in health.

Promotes Wellness For All Residents In The Community 

Therapy in assisted living communities is not just for the sick. The estimates suggest that, out of the residents living in assisted living communities nationwide, 81% need some sort of therapy to accomplish at least one task. As the majority of the residents in senior care homes and assisted living communities require therapy, the therapist must offer ways to improve the wellness of residents.

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