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A senior man engaging in stroke rehab at a skilled nursing facility.

Choosing from the Different Types of Stroke Rehabs

Stroke rehabilitation is a treatment program designed to help patients manage the after-effects of a stroke successfully. These after-effects can be physical, cognitive, or psychological, and they vary from person to person as well. That is why it is very important to choose the right stroke rehab facility to help your loved…

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A senior woman getting a heart checkup at a Pasadena skilled nursing home.

5 Ways to Reduce Hospital Re-Admissions for Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure refers to a condition wherein the heart of the patient cannot function normally and pump enough blood around the body. It is one of the leading causes of re-hospitalization in the country, and it is found that around 25% of patients are re-admitted within a month of discharge from…

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Senior being escorted in wheelchair from skilled nursing facility in Pasadena after discharge.

Why Assessing Discharge Procedures is Important

When searching for a skilled nursing home for short-term or long-term care and rehabilitation services, many people tend to overlook the facility’s discharge procedures. However, it is essential to carefully review the discharge procedures because you may need support or care services even after your stay at a skilled nursing home. This…

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Senior undergoes rehabilitation with weight training in a skilled senior nursing facility.

Benefits of Osteoporosis Rehabilitation Programs in a Skilled Nursing Home

Osteoporosis rehabilitation allows seniors to combat the condition and lead a quality life. Skilled nursing homes offer comprehensive inpatient osteoporosis rehabilitation programs to help patients suffering from the condition regain strength and mobility. This can help those who are experiencing mobility problems, recovering from surgery, facing severe complications of the disease, or…

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Speech therapy like those offered at Foothill Heights in Pasadena, are incredibly important to senior citizens who have suffered a stroke in order to help them connect with the world after their illness.

Benefits of Speech Therapy for Seniors in Skilled Nursing Homes

Speech therapy refers to a treatment procedure that addresses problems with verbal communication and swallowing. These problems may happen to seniors due to many different reasons and severely impact their overall well-being. Read on for are some of the essential benefits of speech therapy for seniors in skilled nursing homes. It Helps…

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A skilled nursing professional at a Pasadena care facility applies bandages to a senior's foot.

Why Diabetic Patients Need Specialized Wound Care

Proper wound care is of utmost importance for diabetic patients. This is because around 20% – 35% of people with diabetes develop a foot ulcer, which can eventually lead to infections and require amputation. Early intervention and specialized wound care can help diabetic patients to avoid such issues and prevent worsening of…

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Seniors cooking nutritional food for their health.

Healthy Nutrition and Eye Health in Seniors

Skilled nursing homes place a great deal of importance on healthy nutrition for seniors because it is crucial to their general health. A balanced diet is also essential to ensure good eye health. As older adults are prone to many kinds of vision problems due to varied factors, such as glaucoma, retinal…

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Skilled nurse helping elder man get out of bed.

Differences between Acute and Sub-Acute Care

Choosing a skilled nursing home for seniors post-hospitalization or after an accident can be very stressful. You need to know which type of care services your elderly parent or grandparent will need and then you’ll have to pick from the available options that will offer the best services to your loved one….

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senior woman covering a cough at a Pasadena skilled nursing facility.

Helping Seniors Recover from Pneumonia Post-Hospitalization

Pneumonia is a type of lung infection that leads to the inflammation of the alveoli in one or both the lungs. As the air sacs fill with fluid, it becomes difficult for the patient to breathe normally. The condition can cause many symptoms like painful breathing, heavy coughing, fever, fatigue, shortness of…

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A senior enjoys exercising at a skilled nursing facility in Pasadena.

How Occupational Therapy Can Help with your Recovery

Skilled nursing homes offer a wide range of healthcare services to help speed up your recovery. Occupational therapy is one of those services, which helps patients to regain their independence and get back to their normal lives quickly after an accident, surgery, or hospitalization due to any kind of illness. Occupational therapists…

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